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Exhibition - Video Room:
Worlds of Nature
15-03-2015 - 26-04-2015

Een tentoonstelling waarin kunstenaars uit alle disciplines en van alle generaties hun perspectief bieden op de relatie mens, natuur en cultuur.  Een presentatie op het grensvlak van beeldende kunst, wetenschap en ecologie.

An exhibition offering the reflections of artist of all disciplines and generations on the relationship between man, nature and culture. A presentation at the interface of visual art, science and ecology.

Opening by: Emily Ansenk
Rachel Monosov
  RACHEL MONOSOV (1987, St. Petersburg) is an Israeli artist currently living in Belgium The Visitor 2015 - Video (15min)

In ‘The Visitor’ the director obtains the role as a rootless individual. She is collecting information and documenting the surroundings with the attempt to capture an image of the divine and the utopian. The core of the film is in the meeting with a local guy who she doesn’t have common language with. She becomes the tourist in her country which she could call home. This alienation is present during the film through the sound that refers to old science fiction films. Themes as religion and identity are questioned. (The Visitor is filmed in Jerusalem and the Judean Desert in Israel).

- Video
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