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Natalia Ossef (SYR)

Cultural identity and memories of my native country play a central role in my work. Based on found photographs, postcards and other pictures I reshape my past in abstractive figuration and pastel shades that reminds me of hand painted postcards that traveled through time. So each work can be read as a chapter in a travel story that pull certain places and moments from oblivion. It’s about family reunion when it comes to The Past, a moment so awkward that each person is lost in their own memory. The past can’t be undone, so we live through those moments. The washed-out faces in my work is a way to own the pictures I find and reuse and put them in the right context when it comes to my own background. 

Works by Natalia Ossef
Worlds of Nature (2015)
Main Room
The Past + To The West
Worlds of Nature (2015)
Main Room
The Past
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