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Malin Ståhl (NLD)
Rising from Water is a performance manifesting the acts of stillness and standing. The landscape plays a key role both as stage and as witness. I perform my work in the landscape and there is no audience present. My current research into the political implications of performing to no audience has developed in a series of work of which Rising from Water is part. Performing is a political act, and I am looking at what the political positioning of a performance that choses to have no audience is. Researching my work I walk through the landscape performing a physical sketchbook. I observe the surroundings, the movement of the body, its weight, balance and my breath. I use the body as an instrument to process questions of ascribed culture.
Works by Malin Ståhl
Born of Concentration (2015)
Main Room
Rising from Water - 2014
Video - 11min 9sec
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