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Jacolijn Verhoef & Aram Tanis (NLD)

In Aram Tanis' work isolation, standardization and the mass-produced are important themes. He also thinks it is important to make people aware of subjects they often pass by or ignore.

In his work Tanis explores and describes people and societies based on the cities they build and inhabit. Our society is constantly changing and people have to find new ways of surviving or adjusting to these new situations. The repetition and rhythm of the recurring form in buildings and monotonous landscapes are a symbol for the anonymity of the contemporary urban environment and the isolation of the people who live in it. It can also be seen as a critique on the mass-produced.

At the same time the media inundates us with images that define what is beautiful or accepted. People need to meet a certain standard to be found 'beautiful'. One must keep a certain lifestyle, which is 'accepted' and 'normal'. It provides a standardisation in society. Tanis wants to go beyond the façade and shows the other side.

Works by Jacolijn Verhoef & Aram Tanis
Born of Concentration (2015)
Video Room
Departure Bay - 2012
Video - 9:13 min
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