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Kees Touw (NLD)


Since 1983 Kees Touw makes drawings / maps in which he archives his youth. He descends from a family of barge owners. From his birth until the age of 8, he sailed with his parents aboard the motor vessel ‘Attacus’ in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. Harbors, locks, rivers, canals and traffic conditions on the water, seen from above which give a somewhat abstract character, dominant already some time now the work of Kees Touw.

The author of the book ‘The Map as Art’, Katharine Harmon, selected as curator his work for the exhibition ‘You are Here’ in the Pratt Manhattan Gallery in New York City. (Sep-Nov 2010)

Kris Harzinski, the Philadelphia based artist, designer and founder of ‘The Hand Drawn Map Association’, took up Touw’s work in his book ‘From Here to There’.

Touw belongs to the curated artists of ‘White Columns’ in New York. The artists in the Curated Artist Registry are selected by the White Columns curatorial staff. White Columns receives thousands of submissions each year from all over.

Works by Kees Touw
Born of Concentration (2015)
The Wall
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