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Pernille Lonstrup (DNK)

I question different forms of communication expressed through words, vocal sounds and the body. I re-arrange codes and signs to generate new meaning from familiar codes and common regimes of communication. I am interested in situations where communication breaks down, where language is no longer a well-oiled machine and, therefore, can collapse; or does it just get transformed into something different? This breakdown or transformation is not only inherent to language itself – it can be applied to other communicational structures that occur between humans, which can be expressed through body language, movement and sound.

I see communication as systems of hierarchy, whose authority I undermine in my work by creating situations where we can witness, through the loss of meaning, the transformation of communication. This can reveal a range of unexpected implicit meanings, setting up a rather different social exchange. It is through the repetition of words and movement that I combine possibilities where meaning can reappear and disappear; as a result, one work can have various outcomes, such as a score in an exhibition or a live performance.

Word Game is an installation with a slide projection and a sound. The work offers a seating place from which a projected sequence of 80 playing cards is followed consequently by a voice reading the cards. The spoken words and projected words are not synchronized. Word Game questions relationship between listening, meaning, construction, and how much that process is determined by individual abilities and interests. The combination of ‘words‘ both spoken and projected, places a viewer in constant flow of possible thought constructions that may not necessarily have a logical sequence. The 80 words selected for the Word Game are derived from my books of quotes and lines collected in past years. These quotes and lines mostly relate to the readings and the research crucial to my art practice.  Word Game plays with the ‘gab‘ between meaning and non-meaning where the logic of language, both institutional and personal, is brought to its limits.

Works by Pernille Lonstrup
And the Livin' is Easy (2015)
Main Room
Word Game
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